Church Sound System Install Installs complete church Sound systems. Our Church Sound systems are computer generated designs. We use the latest software to generate a tailor designed sound system. If your focus is on speech, we will maximize your sound system for speech only. If you have a band we will design your sound system for speech as the primary focus and also set the sound system to handle a band.

Adjustable Voicing: The voicing can be set to match the needs of the application through a Music/Speech switch. The Music setting provides flat frequency response, while the Speech setting produces a mid-range presence boost to provide clear, intelligible speech even at the longest throw distance. The Speech setting also increases mid-range sensitivity and mid-range Max. SPL capability.

Why we use HARMAN Professional

From small, startup portable churches, freestanding chapels and large mass-metro campuses to synagogues, mosques, multipurpose spaces and more, HARMAN Professional delivers scalable, high-quality audio, video, lighting and control solutions to meet the unique needs of Houses of Worship around the world. HARMAN offers decades of technical excellence and experience designing and manufacturing premium products that are easy to setup and operate, and function seamlessly together. With the ability to maintain, control and reconfigure systems with preset settings, you can ensure your message is always heard.

HARMAN's House of Worship Solutions Include: AKG Microphones, Crown Audio Amplifiers, dbx Loudspeaker Management, JBL Speakers & Stage Monitors, Martin Professional Lighting and Soundcraft Mixers

Church Sound System

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